Do you Remember When.., The Fat Nurse Runs Through a Plate-Glass Door In The Incredible Melting Man (1977)?

incredible melting man nurse

This is a joyous moment in b-movie history. When an astronaut returns to Earth with some kind of space-flu he’s less than happy when he wakes up in a military hospital to discover his face’s taken a turn for the Harvey Dent melty. Sadly for a voluptuous nurse wearing cinema’s tightest ever slutty Halloween costume, old drippy flesh isn’t in the mood for mushy food or pillow plumping. It would seem space-flu’s major side effect is a nasty case of the pissed-off and this astronaut (complete with new found athletic speed) takes it out on nurse chubby boobs. Time then for this overweight medical assistant to make her dramatic escape by running down a corridor long enough to give Usain Bolt a stitch and gloriously bulldozing herself through a plate glass door without even breaking her stride . Truly wondrous.

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