Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard of #26: New Years Evil (1980)


From my five minutes of research I don’t believe that News Years Evil is a sequel to Christmas Evil (as is often reported – when I say often I mean rarely ever), given that they were released within a month of each other in the same year and have completely different producers.., If they are somehow connected by one genius executive producer then it was quite the achievement of holiday-horror planning. This end year exploitation flick is even lower budget that its festive counterpart but has a very neat’o narrative hook; A dude in various disguises (think Hannibal from the A-Team) will murder some poor reveller at midnight on New Years Eve in each time-zone across America until he reaches the West Coast where his spree will culminate in the murder of the hostess of a New Years live music show. Not too shabby eh? You’ll love the killer’s costumes and masks (someone’s been to the dollar store), Shazam frantically the family friendly ‘punk’ soundtrack, and laugh hysterically at a chase sequence which only narrative purpose is to fill time.

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One thought on “Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard of #26: New Years Evil (1980)

  1. Phil Fasso says:

    This movie’s actually pretty well-known among horror fans. Just about every year, there’s about 67,000 horror sites reviewing it on December 31… precisely why I refuse to do so. That, and it’s a lousy flick.

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