12 Days to Christmas Day 1: Peter Venkman is the Ghost of Christmas Past

The Real Ghostbusters, ep Xmas Marks the Spot (1986)

Xmas marks the spot ghostbusters

This is so good. The Ghostbusters accidentally go back in time and stop Ebenezer Scrooge from being visited by his infamous three ghosts. The ramifications of which, back in modern day 1986, are that no-one celebrates Christmas. Cue three of the Ghostbusters having to go back in time again to stall Scrooge on that fateful night whilst Egon tries to come up with a solution. The result is Peter Venkman dangling from a rope as The Ghost of Christmas Past, stalling for time as he takes Scrooge on journey around his dormitory; blindfolded with a View-Master and in a wheelchair. Truly glorious.

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