Countdown to Halloween, Unsung Heroes of Horror Day 31: Tarman ‘Return of the Living Dead’ (1985)

Braiiiiiins.., More Braiiiiiiiins” says Tarman the icky, sticky, melty zombie of epic-design proportions in Return of the Living Dead. Not only is this a triumph of both costume and performance (actor Allan Trautman on mind and body bending form, the man clearly has no bones) but more importantly it is a cinematic first; the first time an on-screen zombie mutters, and indeed consumes, those delicious brains. This was one small word for horror with repercussions on a seismic scale; finally we found out what a zombie’s preferred man-meat entree really is. Tarmen would make further appearances in Return of the Living Dead Part II and Return of the Living Dead:Rave From The Grave, but it is Allan ‘Tarman’ Trautman who is a true hero of horror, and a fitting way to round off Deadly Movies 31 Unsung Heroes of Horror.

Look back over all 31 Unsung Heroes of Horror here and check out Tarman in action below:

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