Countdown to Halloween, Unsung Heroes of Horror Day 28: Maggie & her window dive in Child’s Play (1988)

Poor Maggie’s about to have a bad night whilst babysitting Andy and his demonic doll Chucky. Maggie is a true pioneer of horror, she showed us that no matter how small a serial killer may be, you can still get bashed in the head (by a three foot tall doll; Chucky must have go-go-gadgit arms), over elaborately stumble backwards, not to regain balance, but to turn around and throw yourself head-first out of a high-rise window.  Even by 80s standards this is one of the most wonderful examples of bravado when it comes to a director asking a hell of a lot of his audience’s ability to suspend, not just disbelief, but also physics. Hat’s off to you flying Maggie, you are the Icarus of horror. Check out the hilariousness below:

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