Countdown to Halloween, Unsung Heroes of Horror Day 26: Ramón Bravo (aka Zombie vs Shark guy) in Zombi (1979)

Ramón Bravo was a renowned underwater photographer, diver, and fisherman.., all things in water really. Barvo was especially well known for photographing Tiger Sharks. What better man then to have dress up as a zombie and fight a shark for the amusement of us, the expectant cinema-goer. It’s one of horror’s true monumental hight points, Bravo wrestling with a drugged-up shark that’d been fed horse meat and tranquillisers prior to the bout. The scene may well be known by many, especially genre fans, and fan’s of Spaghetti Horror, but few know of the man behind the makeup. Check out the awesome images below of Bravo fishing and hanging with Jacques Cousteau of all people!

Note: Bravo was also the movie’s underwater photographer.

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