Countdown to Halloween, Unsung Heroes of Horror Day19: Man-Dog in Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

How frickin weird is this sequence? Complete with hillbilly banjo music, a San Francisco busker/bum and his dog have been somehow fused during (what one assumes to be) a misshap during their respective pod-transformations causing this Photoshop abomination of god. Looking more like a South Park character than anything else, this literal man head on a dog’s body is genuinely disturbing (urghh it’s, I mean he’s, licking himself). A Pug before Pug’s were popular this scene is made all the more legendary by Donal Sutherland hilariously uppercutting an old woman immediately afterwards. Sometimes there are moments in movies where you need to ask yourself whether or not that just happened: “Did a dog with a bum’s face just make a grand entrance along with banjo theme tune causing Donald Sutherland to knockout someone’s Grandma?”. Oh good god look into it’s eyes, it knows it’s a crime against all that is natural.

Dear lord make it go away. See the entire clip here or just the 8 seconds that I can stomach below:

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