Countdown to Halloween, Unsung Heroes of Horror Day 17: Ben Gardner in Jaws (1975)

I guess this should really read Unsung Hero of Horror Craig Kingsbury, a local Martha’s Vineyard fisherman who not only managed to make it into the final cut of Jaws (with speaking lines no less) as Ben Gardner, but also served as an on-set go to for Speilbergo and crew for the authenticity of Robert Shaw’s Quint characterisations and accent. As the bearded great one said himself ; “(Kingsbury was) the purest version of who, in my mind, Quint was“. So as a reward for being the very essence of a salty sea-dog (“Here’s to swimmin’ with bowlegged women“), Kingsbury was not only importanlised on film, but also cements himself in history as one of movie’s greatest ever decapitations. I speak of course of the infamous floating Ben Gardner head, a mold of none other than Mr Kingsbury.  Yarg indeed.

See a great clip from Craig’s daughter speaking about his relationship with Robert Shaw here

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