Countdown to Halloween, Unsung Heroes of Horror Day 16: Bizarre Blonde Michael Myers who gets Exploded in Halloween 2 (1981)

There’s a worrying trend throughout the 80s and 90s Halloween movies towards a ginger (see read head) Michael Myers.., revisit the movies, it begins in Halloween 2. But there is a wonderful moment in that very same movie where we’re offered an insight into a parallel universe where Michael has shocking peroxide blonde hair the likes of which has seldom been seen since the fall of Kajagoogoo. When crazy old-man-Loomis is on the gun touting rampage he mistakenly identifies a poor Halloween reveller as the Boogey Man himself, causing this poor teen to get caught up in (what this funny YouTuber below terms) The Most Arbitrary Explosion in Cinema History. Nicely played. Anyway, the bleeding eyes Michael from the film’s finale is pretty cool, but this peek at a what-could-have-been-stadium-rock-Myers is truly eye glutenous.

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