Countdown to Halloween, Unsung Heroes of Horror Day 14: Steve in Friday the 13th (1980)

First word, neckerchief. Second word, denim man bootie shorts. Third word, moustacheo. Yes friends I of course speak of Camp Crystal Lake icon of style, ladies man, and should be porn star Steve (aka actor Peter Brouwer). Why is he a hero you ask? Well aside from the above list and pictures (truth be told that’s ample reason alone) he’s also the guy responsible for reopening Camp Blood and therefore kick starting a chain of events that would last for over thirty years, eleven movies, and one remake. No Steve, no Camp, no Mrs Voorhees revenge spree. In hindsight the movie really should be renamed Friday the Thirsteve. Stay tuned for more shit puns.

Awesome Steve images taken from a wonderful article on the men of Friday the 13th at My New Plaid Pants blog, check it out here

Keep up with the entire Deadly Movies Unsung Heroes of Horror Countdown to Halloween here 

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