Countdown to Halloween, Unsung Heroes of Horror Day 13: Two Headed Dragon Thing in Willow (1988)

It’s a very simple reason for this two headed freak making the list; It’s responsible for one of cinema’s great forgotten moments. I speak of course of a two sword wielding Val Kilmer catapulting (literally from a catapult) himself through the air, killing a troll, and straddling the giant beast like a Texan on a Bucking Bronco at closing time.  Naturally we must also take into account the sheer ugliness of the thing, it’s a chinless wonder tat’s amazingly repulsive. So it’s with great satisfaction that, after Van sticks the thing through one of its bulbous foreheads, it’s head actually explodes for some reason. I wonder how long the other head lived for? Here’s to you forgotten two-headed what-ever-you-are.

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