Countdown to Halloween, Unsung Heroes of Horror Day 11: Doug in The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

Aaron Stanford’s on-a-dime turn from geeky pleb to heroic revolutionary leader hellbent on hillbilly homicide is a joy to watch in the underrated 2006 remake of The Hills Have Eyes. Doug starts of as a spec wearing, snivelling, wet blanket, but when his wife is murdered and his child kidnapped he morphs into a one man murderiser. Before you know it he’s shoving miniature American flags through skulls, cracking heads with axes, and shotgun whipping haired-liped freaks left, right, and centre. He even gets his very own hero score towards the end of the movie when he re-appears through the flames of the carnage, baby in one hand, German Shepard on the other. Oh yes Doug is a man’s man and no mistake.

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