Countdown to Halloween, Unsung Heroes of Horror Day 9: Warren Toomey (aka Dennis Franz) in Psycho 2 (1983)

Dennis Franz, is there anything you can’t do? Whether it’s twelve years on NYPD Blue or pissing off John McClane at Dulles International Airport, Franz sure does know how to grind your gears in a New York stylie. In Psycho 2 Franz’s up to his loathsome best as the caretaker manager of Bates Motel, a role less than welcomed by Norman. Needless to say poor old Franz and his trademark moustache end up with a good old fashioned face slashing (or to be precise, a Dennis Franz head puppet, see above) before too long; and who doesn’t like seeing Norman Bates shanking Sgt. Andy Sipowicz? Here’s to you pop culture cross overs.

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