Countdown to Halloween: Unsung Heroes of Horror, Day 4. Charlie The Ship’s Cook in King Kong (1933)

Made up to look like Fu Manchu at a Ming The Merciless party, Charlie the ship’s cook (aka Victor Wong) doesn’t fare much better with dialogue either, given nothing but Chinglish lines like “All hand on deck! Everybody on deck!“. But he was beloved by Kong filmmakers Ernest B. Schoedsack and Willis H. O’Brien who saw fit to both create additional Charlie scenes and dialogue and cast him again in the same year sequel Son of Kong (one of only a handful of returning characters). But consider this, this particular Chinese stereotype was one of the only members of the SS Venture to survive the horrors of Skull Island and live to tell the tale, making him a true hero and no mistake. That’s right Charlie, me so horny too.

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