Countdown to Halloween: Unsung Heroes of Horror. Day 1, Bob in Halloween (1978)

Bob (aka actor John Michael Graham appearing in his first and last movie role) may not come to mind quite as instantly as Halloween stalwarts like Michael Myers, Laurie Strode, Dr Loomis, Sheriff Brackett, or even Lynda, Annie, or annoying Tommy Jarvis. But! He is essential to many wonderful moments in the movie. Just think; no Bob no Michael in hilarious ghost-sheet with glasses. No Bob, no PJ Soles showing her boobs to the tune of “see anything you like?“. And most of all, no Bob, no candidate for best kill of the Halloween franchise.., Michael pinning poor Bob to the pantry door with his foot-long chopping knife and the birth of the infamous tilt-stare.

Bob we salute you and your black rimmed hipster glasses. Sadly you never did get to see the days when your glasses became a staple fashion item of the single gear bike brigade.

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