Top 5 Movie Titles not to Confuse with Horror Movies

Horror has never been one to be subtle; titles like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Zombie Flesh Eaters are pretty self explanatory for any would be viewer. But browser beware, while many of horror’s most infamous titles are etched into the popular sub conscious, a name alone can be missleading. Here’s a guide to Deadly Movie’s top 5 movies not to confuse with their horror genre namesake:

5: The Lost Boys (1978) not to be confused with The Lost Boys (1987): You’re all in the mood for some Joel Schumacher 80s camp vampire fun and instead you’ve got your hands on a four hour BBC period drama about the real-life scribing of Peter Pan. There’s actually a few parallels between these two stories if you wanted to look for them (is vampirism a perversion of the forever-young Neverland?) but still, you wanted vampires and you’ve got Ian Holm dressed as Captain Hook.

4: The Wolf Man (1924) not to be confused with The Wolf Man (1941): Could it be that in 1924 there was a precursor to Universal’s infamous and seminal Werwolf movie (let’s not forget that Hollywood was turning out a version of The Phantom of the Opera in 1925)? Sadly you haven’t just scored huge points amongst your fellow horror scholars, but rather you’ll be enjoying 60 minutes of one man’s battle with a altogether different beast.., alcoholism. Mmm metaphors.

3: The Ring (1927) not to be confused with any of The Ring movies – Ringu (Japan 1998), Ring (Korea 1998), or The Ring (US 2002): You want scary, little, cursed Japanese girls crawling out of TV sets to kill you via VHS paralysis. Instead you’ve actually stumbled into the realm of film academia and cultural credit by watching an early silent boxing film from some bloke called Alfred Hitchcock. Many will say this is less a mistake and more an improvement (tough call IMO).

2: Carrie (1952) not to be confused with Carrie (1976): You wanted a pigs blood covered Carrie White going on a telepathic murder spree of epic proportions, but instead you’re spending the evening in the 1880’s with Laurence Olivier (WHAT? No Travolta?) and Jennifer Jones. Saying that you’ll still get to watch a one-woman journey of discovery and hardship. Sadly there isn’t a scene where Olivier throws tampons at Jones in the ladies locker room.

1: Friday the Thirteenth (1933) not to be confused with Friday the 13th (1980): This is my absolute favourite! You wanted Sean S Cunningham’s blue print for no-budget 80s slasher movies and the birth of the Jason Voorhees legend and instead you’ve settled onto the couch with a bottle of beer for a 1930’s British mystery. Saying that, this 1933 movie about a bus crash and the subsequent retelling of the passengers stories that bought them to this fatal moment is a very good watch. But even the most optimistic film purist will lament the lack of a good Kevin Bacon neck skewering.

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One thought on “Top 5 Movie Titles not to Confuse with Horror Movies

  1. Brian says:

    Friday the Thirteenth (1933) starred Ralph Richardson who was in Time Bandits with Sean Connery who was in The Untouchables with Kevin Costner who was in JFK with Kevin Bacon!

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