News No Halloween 3 in 2012 (now there’s a surprise)

Update September 2012: It had been confirmed back in April 2012 that Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes had launched a bid to take over the creative for a new Halloween franchise on behalf of Dimension Films. However it was recently revealed by sources close to Bloody Disgusting that Platinum Dunes, after four months of pitching, have withdrawn themselves from the project. It would now appear that the men holding the franchise purse strings, Bob and Harvey Weinstein, are once again favouring a Halloween reboot/remake. I’m going to suggest that this won’t be another remake of Carpenter’s film but rather, a restart with a whole new take on the story.., and to be fair, at this point, that’s about the best we can hope for.

Original report from March 2012 below:

Back in June last year Deadly Movies reported that Dimension and the Weinstein’s had slated Halloween 3D for a September 2012 release (see here). The thing is there wasn’t much more to this project than a couple of simple directives from the boardroom; 1) It would be a continuation from Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween 2 (i.e. not another reboot), and 2) It would be in 3D because that’s what the kids are in to these days. Little was know about any creative plans aside from the fact that Drive Angry and My Bloody Valentine 3D scribes Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer had been commissioned to write the screenplay, and had submitted a complete vision. Today comes the news that The Weinstein’s have now pushed the project from their 2012 schedule, with little news as to where (or when) it’s been pushed to (Deadly Movies called this one in our 2012 horror preview). Are we looking at a September 2013 release? Maybe, but don’t hold your breath, especially as the official line is that screenplays are still being considered and sought. It would seem that Michael, along with fellow slasher alumni’s Freddy, Pinhead, and Jason are stuck in remake development hell. As sad as news as this is, perhaps a career sabbatical is the best prescription for Michael; I really couldn’t fathom how you’d bring him back from the finale of Halloween 2 anyway (see an artistic representation below of how a post H2 Michael may look). However, fear not Halloween fans, it’s been three years since Michael’s last killing spree and he’s never spent more that six cinematic years away from Haddonfield.

Check out 10 ways Deadly Movies readers suggested bringing Michael back from development limbo here

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19 thoughts on “News No Halloween 3 in 2012 (now there’s a surprise)

  1. You’re right, that IS a surprise! Nice post!

  2. JQA says:

    Although the most frightening events are taking place in the white house, we all need an escape once in a while. Let’s restart the story with an emphasis on suspense rather than profanity and drug use which seem to be so popular in horror movies. It’s always more engaging when the audience can relate more directly to the victims. Not to bash Rob Zombie. I liked House of 1000 corpses. I just don’t think he was a good fit to remake Halloween. All of his movies seem to have the same long hair, trailer park feel to them.

  3. That sucks I lover Halloween, Friday the 13th and Nightmare Movies hopefully they fix these movies up though. I mean Nightmare On Elm Street remake 2010 was cheesy, he wasn’t funny or scary and everything happened to suddenly and hopefully they put good actors like the old ones and yes they are good actors because thats how people are in real life the actors they put in this movie are all people who look way too old for their age and try to act cool, these 80’s actors are incredible this is not a note just for Nightmare on Elm street this is one for Michael Myers and Jason, and I’m hoping they fix Halloween Rob Zombie fucked it up he’s a good artists but horrible directing skills, he made it into redneck story, I really think it was based on Rob Zombie’s child life and that white horse was retarded.

  4. bigcountry says:

    How about we just leave the halloween movies alone for a bit and work on something new? i mean i love the halloween movies but shit how long are you going to ride that horse? rob did a good job!!! halloween h20 and resurrectoin were so stupid, lets go with a remake cause thats what everyone talks about, now a scarry move even better. Now we got that down we can look at good older movies, if you want to ride carpenters dick so bad then lets talk about christine,, time mag sead carpenters best since halloween, or how about maximum overdrive

  5. deadlymovies says:

    Good and strong opinions above by all. Halloween, and especially Rob Zombie’s Halloweens, certainly stir passionate responses from people. Goodness only knows what the future holds for the franchise, but I thought I’d let you all know that as of April/May time this year it looks as if Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes are sniffing around a Halloween co-production with Dimension. After their versions of F13, Nightmare on Elm St, The Hitcher etc, I’d personally prefer it if Halloween was left in someone else’s creative hands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Contest mode; get a group of 10-20 fans and get them to create your movie, it’ll be a movie the fans would want.

  6. Horror says:

    I would like there to be a 3rd Halloween but as long as Michael Myers is in it (which didn’t happen in the 3rd in the previous franchise) but hey if it doesn’t happen at least I wasn’t dissapointed in the ending of the 2nd

  7. Anonymous says:

    Rob zombies first halloween movie was great in my opinion. Loved that creepy as hell little kid playing michael myers. Great casting there and I liked the storyline of that one. His second one yeah he did screw that up and I think he knows that he did. Probably why he isnt in the writing for a third one

  8. T- says:

    Just had a sneak peek at the new H3 script. Once again Michael escapes from the puzzle factory. However, this time he heads to Washington and slashes federal spending by 75%. He then chopps up the guy who runs the printing press at the Federal Reserve. Then he realizes that all of the Dummycrats in the senate and the White House are his long lost brothers and sisters, paying them each a visit. The Secret Service later arrives on the scene to find Michael standing alone in the Oval Office. Instead of firing their weapons at him as Dr.Loomis did at the end of H1, they decide to have a party! You see dear reader, the Secret Service men know that their pensions are now a little safer and the collapse of the dollar may be held off for a few more months, if not years. The point is, GET INFORMED you dummy’s. I enjoy the frivolous just as much as the rest of you but if were not paying attention this thing called liberty that your school teachers neglectet to tell you about will be a thing of the past. I mean Jesus! Just look at the huge, rambling, run on sentence written by Robert Villafan (above). Sorry Robert but you should file a civil suit against whatever public school you attended, then take the worthless dollars awarded to you by the court and buy precious metals. You may make it out alive. Wake up you ZOMBIES!

  9. Anonymous says:

    f**k you rob zombie ur a retarded 4 remaking halloween u suck horse d**k u giant fa***t

    • deadlymovies says:

      Hmm intelligent and insightful. Thanks for your input. As always folks, here’s a good example of what not to write. But hey, it is worth a laugh for the writer’s sheer stupidity.

  10. stewarttara says:

    I would prefer if they just left the franchise alone all together. Not saying that i dont like the reboots, i just prefer the classics. Also if they were ever to make another Freddy Kreuger movie. That the role should go to Robert Englund who will always be the better freddy kreuger

  11. shithead says:

    fuck you all halloween forever 3d 4d 5d infinity d halloween rules smoke weed and watch this shit its gonna blow your goddam brains away rob you killed a fucking great franchise you cock sucking white piece of Michael myers shit

  12. robert leabo says:

    HALLOWEEN 9… Let’s all get collective amnesia and forget RZ’s remakes, eh?.. Let’s get back to the ACTUAL story-line and follow “Resurrection”; John Tate escaped in H20 and he’s still out there… Go get him Michael!

    • Anonymous says:

      Very true! Or how about Jaime baby that Tommy took in part 6. The baby should be up in age now, about 16? I would love to see Halloween pick up some of the missing pieces from other parts. Find Jaime baby, John, and don’t let Laurie be dead. She was smart enough to predict that he would follow her on the roof, surely she predicted that he would try to push her off. Therefore, I’m site he had a safety net. Anyways, one final bang with Jaime baby, John, Laurie, and Mike!!!! What a reunion that will be.

  13. Xenolicker says:

    Or why not just forget about the old movies and do a totally original story! I’m following this mainly because maybe Patrick Lussier was gonna direct this. I like his “Drive Angry”, it’s got the best 3D i’ve seen so far. And by the way: I’m not a kid, why wouldn’t i love the added dimension? It’s like when movies got color. I don’t watch black&white movies anymore, so why still care for some outdated only-2D movie?

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