Great Moustaches & Beards In Horror History: 2001

Ian Richardson as Sir charles warren in ‘From Hell’ (2001)

The term ‘lamb chops‘ is thrown around a lot theses days. For the follicley challenged,  lamb chops refer to a mighty pair of sideburns; sideburns so big and weighty that they fall under the meat and poultry category when border crossing. British thespian Ian Richardson CBE sports a colossal pair of lamb chops in 2001’s Jack the Ripper yarn From Hell. The chops themselves are so magnificently gargantuan that a supporting beam is necessary in the form of a girder-like moustache. It’s as if Richardson grew a huge Santa-esque white beard and got in a fist fight with Wolverine who’s Adamantium  claws barely managed to make a dent on the chin area.

Richardson was famous in the UK for playing a fictional British politician in the BBCs House of Cards. On the evidence of this beard, had he actually been in politics his facial hair would surly have supported the entire Euro Zone financial crisis.

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One thought on “Great Moustaches & Beards In Horror History: 2001

  1. An excellent series of articles – I myself am currently sporting a super dooper horror mustache which has been a hit with my fellow horror fans! ; )

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