Great Moustaches & Beards in Horror History: 1932

Charles Laughton in ‘The Island of Lost Souls’

What’s not to like about this Musketeer Aramis/Hitler combo? Attached to the Hitchcock-esque rotund face of British thespian Charles Laughton, this moustache come R&B goatee is as licentiously eccentric as Laughton’s performance of H.G. Well’s infamous Dr Mareau. Just look at that petite chin-strap holding up Laughton’s bottom lip like a hairy goblet, balanced lovingly by a top-lip-hat that suggests both the wisdom of Hercule Poirot and lurking terror of senor Adolf. Only a moustache and beard combo such as this could drive a man to successfully combine animal and human DNA to create an army of man-beasts. One suspects that this facial hair itself may once have roamed the great Savannah in search of prey. As the chants of “what is the law?” echo from the man-beast’s village and over the treetops of the Island of Dr Moreau, surly the only saneĀ response is “this.., this moustache beard combo.., this is the law“.

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