New 13 minute Featurette on THE DARK KNIGHT RISES!

A new 13 minute featurette on The Dark Knight Rises has surfaced online from the folks at Warner Bros (below). While this is certainly an official video, it may have arrived a little earlier than planned. The 13 glorious minutes features interviews and soundbites from all the major actors and production staff as well as some extensive behind-the-scenes footage. Whilst nothing in the video spoils the plot (most of the footage is from the trailers and TV spots) fans wishing to be complete fresh and in the dark going into this movie will want to avoid it. On the whole though this is a great tease for the movie with Nolan and co. describing the themes of the film as well as giving us a sneak peak at the enormous scale – which if you thought was big just wait until you watch this. Any lingering fears about this film are slowly being put to bed. Nolan’s love for practical stunts, location shooting, in camera action, and little to no reliance on green screen are highlighted here on a quite staggering scale. It looks altogether awesome. Enjoy!

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