Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard of #23

Stuff Stephanie In the Incinerator (1989)

There’s two obvious reasons to watch this movie, the kick-ass poster and the ludicrously entertaining title. A more suitable title would be ‘The Twisty Adventures of Captain Twisty McGoo‘.., that’s to say that the plot has more twists than a ten ton Twizzler. In this 80s attempt at meta-horror (PG-13 horror at that) a sexed-up couple are obsessed with elaborate role-play, so obsessed in fact that both the characters and the audience are equally confused as to what’s real, who’s who, what the fuck is going on, and when is Stephanie finally going to get stuffed into the incinerator? Think David Fincher’s The Game (1997) but way shitter. An attempt to describe the plot any further would be futile, but save to say that the theme of role-play is stretched far beyond the point of breaking, logic, and tolerance. Oh and here’s the kicker, not a single SOB, including Stephanie (who isn’t actually Stephanie by the way) get’s stuffed into anything let alone an incinerator. In fact the only thing to get stuffed is Stephanie herself. Totally incomprehensible from beginning to mind boggling end.

So who’s seen this one? Stand up and be counted.

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