Top 5 (non Giant) Bug Attack Horror Movies

Biologists close your eyes now as I horribly besmirch the definition and classification of all things insect and insecta. So when I say ‘bugs’ I mean creepy crawly, slimy, tiny things. I’m less concerned with whether or not the bug in question has a chitinous exoskeleton, a three-part body, three pairs of jointed legs, compound eyes, and one pair of antennae (ah shit bro, Deadly Movies can be educational too). So get out your butterfly net, grab your quadrat, and join Deadly Movies in a celebration of a horror entomologist’s wet dream (oh and like the title says, these are non-giant bug movies, and non spider movies as there are a billion of each): 

The Swarm (1978):


Killer bees. Or rather killer dots on the screen. But when you have Michael Caine chasing these dots around you have something worth watching. Or do you? No, not really as it’s borderline tedious. But with dialogue like “Oh, my God! Bees! Bees! Millions of Bees!” and “ I never dreamed, that it would turn out to be the bees. They’ve always been our friend“. Who can argue? A sane man, that’s who.

Phase IV(1974):

phase_iv (2)

Nigel Davenport and beard (see here) go ape-shit crazy in the middle of the desert somewhere, trying to prove that man is the superior being to ants. It’s genuinely a man vs ant movie. Not giant ants. Just ants. It’s altogether trippy and wacky, including full blown psychedelic sequences.

Bug (1975):


This William Castle effort is about mutant cockroach-types that start fires with their antennae or assholes or some such shit. Who cares. The point is that this hilariousness concerns roaches who blow things up (especially cars). At one point these little arsonists kill and bbq a cat just for giggles. The second greatest cockroach movie of all time.., the first being Joe’s Apartment (1996) because the roaches sing and dance.

Slugs (1988):

slugs 1988

Mutant slugs that like meat (that’s the science behind this one). Except these slugs haven’t mutated in any cool engrossed way, but rather they’re just a bunch of regular garden slugs who couldn’t give a fuck as the human cast try in vain to convey terror. Making this, quite frankly, awesome. At one point slugs blow-up a house Lethal Weapon style.., more science.

Squirm (1976):

squirm 1976-worm-body

Can you actually imagine getting a film green-lit based on killer earth worms? Well some jerk did back in the 70s and good on them. In this creature feature gem millions of earth worms, stoned off their tits on electricity, begin munching on the inhabitants of some small hick town. There’s a finale that’s beyond the stupidity of an episode of Police Squad and a poster that’s as super cool as it is misleading. Worms, FUCK YEAH! Coming again, to save the mother fucking day yeah.

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