Great Moustaches & Beards in Horror History: 1976 (Again!)

Jeff Bridges and beard in King Kong

There was something in the water in 1976, and that something was clearly a liberal Hollywood toxin aimed at generating communist face hair (I imagine their plan to be executed much like Ra’s Al Ghul’s water vaporising scheme in Batman Begins). But one look at hippy dream-boat Jeff Bridges will have even the most staunch Republican melting into his white rhino-skin shoes. Gaze on in awe as Bridges produces a massive volume of beard and long flowing locks, the likes we wouldn’t see again until 1998s The Big Lebowski. It’s little wonder that young sexy starlet Jessica Lange fell deep into those longing blue eyes, like two lakes in a clearing of soft skin, surrounded by the beardy forrest of Bridgeville. Some say it was beauty killed the beast, others say that Kong threw himself off that building in shame; after realising that Jeff Bridges had better face hair than he. But that dear reader is a secret we will never know.

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2 thoughts on “Great Moustaches & Beards in Horror History: 1976 (Again!)

  1. Phil Fasso says:

    Your beard appreciation posts may be the single greatest series of posts in all of horror blogs, including my own, Death Ensemble. You are a true champion of the hirsute.

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