Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard Of #22

Killdozer (1974)

The 70s sure did like a movie pitch which want something like “inanimate object/animate object/animal attacks for some reason“. This strange Jerry London effort has about as simple a plot as one can get, even by Bmovie standards: Construction workers on an island someplace get attacked by their own bulldozer which has come to life for (you guessed it) some reason. The overriding problem with this movie is that bulldozers do not make for either scary, viable, or even practical killers. They are all in one noisy, sluggish, very slow, and have a lot of limitations. So watch on in wonder as the actors do their absolute best to sell us that they absolutely can’t get away from a machine with a top speed of 5mph. It’s less of a game of wits between man and machine and more a game of mild irritation as that slow incumbent yellow tractor may catch up with me if I take a 5 hour lunch break from trying to make my escape to safety. Still, it is highly entertaining.

So let’s see a show of hands puny humans.., who’s seen this wonder of the machine age? You can see the other 21 Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard Of here

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One thought on “Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard Of #22

  1. Yeah I saw KILLDOZER on tv when i was a kid! We all talked about it at school the next day – I’m sure there was an episode of the 6 Million Dollar Man or The Bionic Woman which used the same plot..

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