Great Moustaches & Beards in Horror History: 1976

Peter Ustinov in Logan’s Run

Yeah, yeah Logan’s Run isn’t a horror movie. Fine. Moving on. Perhaps this is better suited as a celebration of all Pete Ustinov’s great movie beards sported throughout his illustrious career. But you’ve got to love this one in particular, not only for it’s mad bushiness, but because it’s perfectly complicated by a bunch of feral cats. As the last man alive in Washington DC, billed simply as ‘Old Man’, Ustinov plays above age aided by god-like face foliage and enough cats to rival Eleanor Abernathy the Crazy Cat Lady. He sure does like cats. His beard may indeed be a deceased cat, a rumour I can’t confirm. In the fictional world of Logan’s Run humans outlast their usefulness at age 30 and are disposed of accordingly, that is until the world of clean shaven, pasty faced, 29 somethings lay their youthful peepers on Peter Ustinov’s mighty beard and realise both the folly of youth and shaving. Hurrah!

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