Happy April Fool’s Day: 5 Reasons to Watch April Fool’s Day (1986)

Happy April Fool’s Day fools. Let’s get this festival of foolishness underway with a look at five great reasons to watch the infamous 80s slasher April Fool’s Day (1986 – also known as that movie with Biff in it). Be warned, if you haven’t seen this most excellent curve-ball of a horror (it’s really a slasher film in name only) the following does contain the key spoiler to the film’s all-or-nothing gag. Onwards ye fools.

5: An into-camera opening sequence. As if to set the tone for a film which is going to play with its audience, the opening scene is an into-camera montage of our key group of characters. Long before every-other jerk with a digital camera started making first-person horror films this was a neat way to get us underway.

4: It’s fucking Biff Tannan! Hello actor Thomas F. Wilson! You may well have an initial in your name on your IMDB page, but that doesn’t fool me, you’re Biff Tannen from Back to the Future and you always will be. What’s the F stand for any way? Is it F for Fool?! Ha, I showed you. Yes indeed chumps, a full year after his Marty nemesis turn in BTTF, here’s Thomas Fool Wilson in the far more light hearted role of Arch. Which leads us nicely onto..,

3: Biff shits his pants. Yes It’s true. During the movie’s revelation (see point 1 at the end), Arch reveals that he literally shit his pants. It’s a far cry from his infamous bully of the past, present, and future. This scene is made all the funnier by Biff holding a rubber mould of his own head. Two Biff’s! If Biff admitting that he has the bowls of an 90 yearold prolaps victim isn’t enough for you then maybe you need to hear Biff say..,

2: “Let’s play hide the sausage!”. Oh yes friends, to turn the fictional world of movies even more upside-down, Biff and his fellow teen chum have a little homoerotic horse-play in which Biff makes a gay anal sex joke. Classic Biff.

1: Brave as fuck double-meta ending. Before meta was meta, before the 90s post-modern fart, and before Tom Six wanted to make ass-to-mouth movies, there was that April Fool’s Day ending. The movie concludes by revealing to the characters and the audience that the whole thing has been a ruse. If you don’t know by now, none of the murders in the film turn out to be real. Rather it’s all been a Jurassic Park style test weekend for a planned murder-mystery venture. Think Fincher’s The Game (which I’m sure is a remake of this really). Like the percieved Final Girl the audience too only finds out right at the very end (along with a long explanation sequence and introduction to the key players). But the film doesn’t stop there, It goes for broke with one more curtain call joke; making us think that the culprit for all these shenanigans will get her comeuppance when one of her patsy’s appears to cut her throat open, only for that to be revealed as a yet another gag! There’s more gags here than your average porno!

PS this film does exist, this isn’t an April Fool’s prank. Sadly so does the 2008 remake which you’ll wish was a fly in a plastic ice-cube, but is really just a horrible little insect.

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