Movies You’ve probably Never Heard Of #21

‘Three on a Meat Hook’ (1973)

When I first came across this movie the first thing that went through my mind was “this must be a Texas Chainsaw Massacre cash-in?“. However, more fool me as this super grindhouse, exploitation effort, was made in 1973, a full year before TCM. If you don’t see my rationale here by the way, let me expalin. Aside from Letherface and his chainsaw, one of the lasting images from that movie for me was the hanging (alive) of victims upon a meat hook. Could this be another one of those horror examples of a film that was ahead of the curve and doesn’t get the recognition it deserves (is this to TCM what Black Christmas is to Halloween?)? Well, in a way, yes. While the execution lacks TCM’s deft touch, there are more than a few narrative similarities; Family issues, rural farm setting, stranded teen victims, and of course those meat hooks. It’s not a great movie, and boy does its plodding pace expose the wafer thin budget, but it genuinely tries to be profound, just check out the great voiceover from the trailer.., “The only ones left to mourn. The Last witnesses to the execution. Suspended in time by a puppeteer with blood on his hands. Little broken dolls that go on dancing after the music has stopped. Three on a meathook“. Deep!

So who’s seen this gem? Stand up and be counted.

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