Deadly Movies Vlog: Episode 1

Every second Friday Deadly Movies will bring you a video blog reviewing the highlights from the world of horror, as well as the best from Deadly Movies, from the past two weeks. As this is episode one there’s more than an touch of trial and error going on here, so please, let me know your thoughts and any topics/issues you’d like to see in episode 2. Enjoy.

This is a not for profit video. No copyright infringement intended. Clips credited to copyright owners.

‘Prometheus’ copyright of Twentieth Century Fox
‘Phase IV’ copyright of Paramount
‘Halloween 2’ copyright of Dimension Films
‘Dark Shadows’ copyright of Warner Bros. & Village Roadshow Pictures
‘[REC]3’ copyright of Filmax
‘The Walking Dead’ copyright of AMC
‘The Monster From A Prehistoric Planet’ copyright of Nakkatsu Studios
‘Killdozer’ clip copyright ABC Television
‘Peeping Tom’ copyright of Michael Power and Optimum Releasing


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