UPDATED: Big Things Have Small Beginnings: New Clues in the Second Prometheus Trailer

UPDATE: Below Deadly Movies reported on the release of the second, and first full length, trailer for Prometheus and speculated on what we could expect from the new footage. This past weekend saw the release of a reasonably different UK trailer as well asa new TV spot. See below for a breakdown of all three visual treats:

Big things have small beginnings“, so teases Michael Fassbender in the the second and rather splendid Prometheus trailer. But what do we learn from all of this? Well there’s a lot more expansion of things we already know: 1) The crew of Prometheus discovers the ruins of something containing the spacecraft which will be discovered by Sigourney Weaver et al in Alien. 2) The space jockey from Alien will have an important part to play in the movie. 3) There are more links to Alien than Ridley Scott will publicly acknowledge. As for new information there are a lot teasers and you could speculate much, so let’s take a look at what my feeble brain expunged from these new 152 seconds. 

Meet the Space Jockey

Yeah we’ve seen the space jockey in the teaser trailer and in some officially released images. BUT, now we see him out of his famous bio-suit. Scott always has said that the space jockey we saw in Alien was actually a suit and helmet, the creature was inside. So now we see him, and he’s a pretty big, very bald kind of fellow. Could it be that the space jockey is the the monster of the piece? I’m not sure. But there are some design similarities between him and the Alien (aka the Xenomorph) from Scott’s 1979 movie. Specifically he looks like he might have exoskeleton elements and even biomechanical parts. Could it be that the Alien biology as we know it is born of this creature? Specifically there appears to be an external ribcage and the same lines across the thighs that were features on the 1979 Alien costume (see both images above).

The Crashed Space Craft

We know that the space jockey’s space craft crash lands during Prometheus, but now we learn that the human crew is responsible for crashing it. It would appear that the ship has evil intentions to destroy/inhabit/rule Earth. Surely then the space jockey is no peaceful intergalactic traveler on a gap year. But is the creature the main monster? It would appear that there is a second evil on the loose in the form of a disease spreading amongst the crew. How does this disease link to the space jockey and more so does it link to the Alien which, has long been considered a metaphoric parasite or cancer?

Aesthetics, aesthetic, aesthetics.

Costumes, interiors, the alien landscape, and the music. Yes, this is the Alien world realised by Scott, Giger (the alien and alien landscape), Ron Cobb (human interiors), and Jerry Goldsmith (score) back in 1979 and don’t let Scott have you believe any different. We even get Noomi Rapace running around in Sigourney Weaver’s infamous skimpy white underwear.

UK Trailer

If one full length Prometheus trailer wasn’t enough, we’ve also been treated to a second, or at least folks in the UK were. The UK trailer is fairly different in tone, most tellingly via a vastly different score, one we hope is a sample from Marc Streitenfeld’s finished work. This is a far less action-packed trailer that really focuses heavily on the backstory to the of Prometheus’ mission. It is then, a slightly more serious affair than it’s US counterpart which puts more emphasis on the mission’s search for mankind’s origins. There’s also less screen time given over to the importance of the space jockey as the monster of the piece and more hints as to what looks to be some kind of fatal disease or infection. I’ll say this much, after watching the UK trailer I’m less confident that the movie will give us a specific lead into the xenomorphs (aka the Alien’s) and that perhaps Scott really will have this movie stand on it’s own two feet.

TV Spot

While all of these shenanigans were going on online, the outside would were also treated to some Prometheus visual treats with a cleverly placed TV Spot during the season finale of The Walking Dead (bang.., target audience.., done). There’s very little to gain from the TV Spot, if anything. Aside from one little clue; We can probably assume with some certainty now that it’s the Prometheus which shoots down the crashed alien spacecraft from Alien and Aliens, but in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot in the TV Spot the spacecraft appears to jettison a smaller spacecraft.., The space jockey perhaps?

So here’s the big question, as we won’t get many more new clues before the movie is released.., Will we see the Alien? I’m going to say yes, or at least I think we’ll see an egg or two.

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