10 Ways to Restart the Halloween Franchise – As Suggested by Friends of Deadly Movies


With the news that Halloween 3D has been pushed from the Weinstein’s 2012 plans Deadly Movies took to twitter  (you can follow @DeadlyMovies here) to see what our fine friends thought were the best ways to restart our beloved franchise. Keep in mind that some of these are serious and well though out ideas, others may be.., less so.

Michael in a Submarine, from @SongWarmonger: Whilst the finer plot points of Michael Myers finding his way onto a submarine may well be mind boggling (It’s almost a stretch for 80s Jason), what @SongWarmonger is really getting at is that horror works a treat in claustrophobic, inescapable spaces.

Michael in an Old Folks Home, from @MeetInTheLobby: Here’s the skinny; Michael Myers has been rehabilitated and lives in an old folks home (hey he is 55+), then he snaps and kills the residents. They are after all a rather slow bunch.

Michael in a Terminator Crossover, from @nmundy: That’s right, Michael Myers is now living serial killer tissue over a metal endoskeleton. It kind of makes total sense too, given Michael’s indestructible tendencies. Of course Michael would hunt Laurie Strode before being reprogrammed by future Jamie Lloyd. Michael would also break decades of silence to mutter the immortal words “I know now why you cry“.

Michael on a Package Holiday to Faliraki, from @film_quiz: Michael checks into a three star Mediterranean resort hotel only to find that he’s been allocated the wrong room, the pool is out of order, and his balcony overlooks a construction site. This is one lapse in customer service too many for this stabby traveller. Think of it as a 80s cultural mismatch BBC sitcom, where hilarious consequences have been replaced with butchery.

Michael Myers brain in Hitler’s Body (on an Island full of Spring Break teens), from @MarkTalksTelly (with a little added stupidity from @DeadlyMovies). In the best traditions of They Stole Hitler’s Brain, Michael Myers brain is transplanted in Hitler’s body (yes new Hitler Michael would wear the mask, with Hitler moustache stuck on) and runs amuck during Spring Break.

One-off new Michael Myers stories, from @OHMYHORROR: Yes a sensible suggestion, and for my two cents, the right way to go for the future of the franchise. We all know the backstory and the origin, we certainly don’t need another reboot or remake. So let’s look at getting some well written, well plotted, and well constructed one-off Halloween stories.

Michael Myers Time Travels, from @v_for_vienetta: Anything Marty Mcfly can do Michael Myers can do better. Neither the space time continuum nor the Libyans can stop Michael Myers from travelling back in time, twisting Biff’s head off and killing his parents (again).

Zombie Laurie Strode is out for revenge, from @AntoineJarvis: My how the tables have turned when Michael becomes the victim of a brain eating rampage from the reanimated corpse of Laurie Strode, fuelled with revenge for lost friends and the need to make amends for the shit pit that is Halloween Resurrection.

Michael Myers a Christmas Story, from yours truly @DeadlyMovies: Santa Clause played by John Goodman slips upon the roof of reformed serial killer Michael Myers on Christmas Eve. Michael, worried that the children of the world are going to miss out on their presents, takes over Santa duties for one crazy night. Meanwhile,meddling Sheriff Dan Aykroyd receives multiple calls about a white faced burglar. Will Michael save Christmas? Will Dan Aykroyd learn to forgive? Will Michael’s long lost uncle Danny Devito sober up in time to deliver the uranium? It all happens on the night before Christmas he came home!

Michael Myers and Two Friends on a Ski Lift, from @ForeverLiz: Michael and chums, now in college, head to Aspen for a weekend over Spring Break. A series of unfortunate events lead to them being stranded for a week on a ski lift. Murder, hilarity, and Wolves ensue. I imagine Michael would just murder his friends, stab the ski-lift into submission, and gut the wolves.

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2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Restart the Halloween Franchise – As Suggested by Friends of Deadly Movies

  1. Martin says:

    I think the terminator one would be interesting.

  2. Anonymous says:

    bunch of smartasses then again rob zombie is a fucking so I we dont need one and number two is a perfect example of what happens when you give away your project to someone else.

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