Great Moustaches & Beards in Horror History: 1981 (Valentine’s Day Special)

Keith Knight (above, right). What a man. What a man’s man. Just look at his resume for a second if you will (and you will). The man boasts roles in classic movies such as Meatballs (1979) and Of Unknown Origin (1983), classic TV shows such as The Littlest Hobo, The Twilight Zone, Robocop, and The Never Ending Story, and voice characterisation for shows like The Care Bears, Babar, Beetlejuice, Rupert, and The Adventures of Tintin. Now I know what the smart folk amongst you are saying: “Steady on there Deadly Movies. This Keith Knight is man enough, we don’t need to hear about some beard or moustache to realise that“. I know my friends, and I agree. But consider the lady folk out there, they crave real men like Keith, and therein we must persist. Now as It’s almost Valentine’s Day we’re here to talk about Keith’s role as Hollis in 1981’s classic Canadian slasher My Bloody Valentine. And just look at what he’s sporting on his upper lip, a moustache that men wish they had and ladies wish they could have at (and vice versa of course). Channeling moustache curls that would make the likes of Salvador Dahi and Rollie Fingers proud, Keith’s Valentine’s Day moustache is worth a thousand roses or boxes of chocolates. Here’s to you Keith and your irresistible hairy lip love slug.

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