Deadly Movies Icons: Presenting Tom Atkins

Tom ‘thrill me’ Atkins is what Deadly Movies icons are all about. If he can fit it into his schedule, and if he thinks it sounds fun, he’ll sign onto just about any movie with little to no regard for such frivolities such as artistic merit. And taking a look at his resume it turns out he’s a damn fine judge. Atkins and his mighty moustache began acting life together in the 60s, predominantly in TV roles, often as a detective.., a typecast role than would stay with him throughout his career. Indeed his first movie role was in the aptly names The Detective (1968), where he played opposite none other than Frank Sinatra. More TV cop roles would follow over the next decade until 1980, when Atkins career would take turn down the horror/sci-fi path and never look back. It was, of course, John Carpenter who gave Atkins his breakout role in the genre he’s so regarded for today, starring as Nick Castle alongside Jamie Lee Curtis in The Fog. From there on in Atkins’ life was one of zombies, aliens, serial killers, and creatures. Deadly Movies salutes you and lip-hair with these outstanding highlights:

The Fog (1980): Atkins vs ghost pirates

Escape From New York (1981): Atkins not really vs anyone, but let’s say vs Snake Plissken

Creepshow (1982): Atkins vs the trilogy segment structure

Halloween 3 (1982): Atkins vs face melting kids masks

Night of the Creeps (1986): Atkins vs alien-vampire-zombie type things

Maniac Cop (1988): Tom Atkins vs a, well you can guess.

My Bloody Valentine (2009): Atkins vs the third wave of 3D and a pissed off miner.

Drive Angry (2011): Atkins vs all kinds of mumbo-jumbo

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