Top 5 (non werewolf) Movie Wolves

Coming up with great movie wolves that aren’t werewolves is harder than you may think, especially these days when animals tend to be realised by shitty CGI (looking at you The Day After Tomorrow wolves). Most horror movie wolves tend to be of the Were (aka lycanthrope) variety, which sucks because I’m of the firm belief that werewolves should be man-wolves and not the on-all-fours types you find on the Discovery Channel. So without further adieu here’s Deadly Movies favourite non-werewolf wolves:

5: Disney’s Big Bad Wolf (1933 – Present) and Tex Avery’s Wally Wolf (1942 – Present). These two guys are, for many, the first exposure to the classic Big Bad Wolf. Disney’s wolf was a kind of insane hobo who started his cinematic career as the arch nemesis to those winging pork-chops The Three Pigs. With his love for cross-dressing, demented eyes, and a grin worthy of any British dentist, Disney’s wolf is a character symptomatic of a time when animation didn’t dumb it down for the kids. Tex Avery’s wolf was even more of a freak, a sex freak in fact, who had the permanent horn. Yes this is the proverbial dog-with-two-dicks. Where Disney had their demented hobo, Avery channeled Hollywood leading men such a Clark Gable for his wolf that wanted nothing more than to bone a plethora of starlets who would shake their junk up and down fancy martini soaked stages.

4: Black Wolves in ‘Wolfen’ (1981). The embodiment of gods or spirits? Super intelligent beings? Metaphor for the Native American plight? I’m not exactly sure what the definitive answer is, but the black wolves in 1981’s Wolfen are pretty bad-ass. Roaming the deserted streets of South Bronx ripping out the throats of executives and bums alike, these fuckers aren’t choosey. Interestingly they also have Predator vision (including Predator audio) a full six years before McTiernan’s sci-fi classic.

3: Gray Wolves in ‘Frozen’ (2010). These wolves aren’t particularly evil as such, they just know a free meal when they see one. But when Dan (Kevin Zegers) takes a tumble off the stricken chair-lift, breaking his leg in the process, the ensuing wolf attack is nail-bightingly savage and stomach churning. I mean seriously, can you imagine just sitting there as wolves chewed at you face-parts whilst the misses looked on from 50 feet above? Brutal.

2: Badass Alasken (presumably Gray Wolves) in ‘Grey’ (2012): These wolves select themselves for this list for one simple reason; If you’ve ever bare knuckle fought with Liam Neeson wearing broken glass gloves then you deserve to make any kind of Top 5 list, such as: Top 5 fights with Liam Neeson, Top 5 broken glass wolf fights, or Top 5 people from both Star Wars and Batman franchises that you’ve had a fight with if you’re a wolf. Oh and like the Frozen wolves they also bite faces off, which is neat.

1: The Gmork in ‘The Neverending Story’ (1984). One of the most terrifying sights from my childhood. The Gmork is freak-show, taunting and stalking poor Atreyu throughout Wolfgang Peterson’s classic children’s adventure. Yes he spends most of his time gurning through a whole in a wall with his animatronic snout lurching absurdly from side-to-side (you really feel for Alan Oppenheimer trying to match up the voice to the random mouth movements) but his piercing yellow eyes, protruding (double rowed) fangs, and fierce overbite have kept dry cleaners in business for three decades (yes that’s a pants soiling joke).

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6 thoughts on “Top 5 (non werewolf) Movie Wolves

  1. Anonymous says:

    love it …thanks

  2. Banatu says:

    The Gmork is not a real wolf, that doesn’t count! But otherwise great list, I love Wolfen. Another childhood favorite was ‘The Pack’, though that’s dogs, not wolves.

    I enjoyed the hell out of ‘Wolf Town’ too, which is pretty recent I think.

  3. Simon Wright says:

    im looking vor a horror film where normal humans set a human free and then turn into wolves and chase them. does anyone know what this is called? trying to find it, was a great film but can’t remember it.

  4. Anonymous says:


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