Happy Friday the 13th: Top 5 Random Friday the 13th Moments

The Friday the 13th franchise is probably full of more moments of randomness and hilarity than any other famous horror franchise. The Friday films have never taken themselves quite as seriously as their counterparts, with directors and writers trying to insert in-jokes, parodies, and humour into tight budgets and short shooting schedules. There are far too many wacky scenes to fit into a Top 5, so consider the moments below as less definitive and more a homage to the oddness that distinguishes the wonderful world of Friday the 13th.

5: Jason turns into a little boy in his underwear in ‘Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan’ (1989): With a title that’s more reminiscent of ‘Debbie Does Dallas‘ than a horror movie, Friday the 13th Part 8 is a pretty campy two hours. Things take a turn for the really odd when the daddy of brutal homicide is incomprehensibly  turned into a child by sewage cleanser. Yep sewage cleanser. It turns out that after all that carnage all you had to do was throw toilet bleach at the big man.

4: Worm-thing Jason crawls up-skirt in ‘Jason Goes to Hell’ (1993): Ummm…, Jason is a worm thing when he’s not in his zombie body.., apparently. So when a body is needed Jason-Worm (who I guess is a bit like Brundle Fly) makes like a paparazzi in need of rent and heads for the nearest vagina. Classy.

3: Jason wears a fetching pair of Chinos in ‘Friday the 13th Part 3D’ (1982): Before joining the ranks of the unwashed undead, Jason just wanted to be a beloved member of the yachting fraternity. What better way to achieve this than to adorn a swell pair of Chinos. Not only does this fashion choice look ridiculous on one of horror’s great serial killers, it also makes him look like a science teacher at a high school dance.

2: Jason’s mask explodes in ‘Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood’ (1988): Ahh Tina, along with Tommy Jarvis, one of Friday’s most loved characters. And what better reason to love her than the fact she made Jason’s infamous hockey mask explode off his face revealing a kind of pissed off bulldog beneath. Unlike the FBI in Part 9, this explosive action isn’t caused by gun powder or air-strike but rather by the power of the teenage mind. Obviously.

1: Jason surfs an RV in ‘Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives’ (1986): Jason is surfing an RV with fire trails. That’s all I have to say on the matter.

Obviously there are many other cool moments in the Friday franchise, you can see some others here, like Crispin Glover does his wacky dance or Bernie from ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ makes his Friday debut. Sweet memories. Happy Friday the 13th everyone.

Feel free to share your favourite Friday moments below

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2 thoughts on “Happy Friday the 13th: Top 5 Random Friday the 13th Moments

  1. Mrblue says:

    Great List. Love number 1.

  2. D says:

    The worm-penetrating-dead-vagina scene was one of the most memorable of the series for me. Jason as a slithering, phallic slug seemed to experience an instant full-body hard on when he spotted the corpse of his half sister lying receptively on the floor, skirt riding high and shapely legs spread wide, still looking great in pantyhose that’s been on her dead body for several days straight. I bet Diana could never have foreseen the indignity of having to wear her stinky waitress uniform after work for as long as she did, all the while waiting for a demonic disembodied penis to wriggle its way up inside of her corpse, burrowing right through her nylons and underwear. Classy. Indeed… If you’re a demon worm with necrophiliac tendencies and a penchant for stale pantyhose…

    I wasn’t sure whether to be disgusted or turned on when I watched it for the first time. It’s just such an odd but titillating scene to watch, brief as it was.

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