Great Moustaches & Beards in Horror History: 1977

Luke Halpin and Moustache are ‘Keith’ in SHOCK WAVES (1977)

Luke Halpin was once a smooth, baby-faced, teenage dreamboat. His satin-like face scrawled across countless teen magazines during the 1960s. Halpin was best known for his role as Sandy Ricks (a name almost as smooth as his goose-fat-like smooth face) in the ‘Flipper‘ movies and TV shows. But when Haplin had had his fill of teenage girls (not sure about the wording there) he moved onto to bigger, scarier, and hairier things. With new found man testosterone coursing through his veins, Halpin turned his hand to more adult movies including the fabulous 1977 Nazi-Zombie schlocker ‘Shock Waves‘. As the manly named Keith, Haplin grew an equally manly and notably noble moustache (equalled only by his flowing Greek-god-locks). Haplin’s moustache commands the screen and the respect of both Nazi-Zombies and 70’s hottie Brooke Adams. It’s moustaches like this that won the war.

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