Deadly Movies 2012 Preview

With 2011 behind us Deadly Movies previews some pick movie choices for 2012.

Hostel Part III (December 2011/January 2012): The news that the third part of the torture-porn franchise would be a direct to DVD release was never overly promising, especially now that Eli Roth has taken a complete creative backseat. Interestingly the torture has been bought home (for domestic audiences anyway) to America, specifically Vegas (which does sound fun). Obviously only for fans of Parts 1 and 2.

The Grey (January 27): I love survival movies. And when a survival movie is essentially Liam Neeson vs wolves, i’m in. Neeson and his oil drilling buddies crash land in the Alaskan wilderness and have to duke it out with a bunch of hungry hounds. I’m sure Fox news will take great pleasure in pointing the finger at liberal Hollywood for depicting oil workers getting their comeuppance from nature. Oh and Neeson has a beard, and he always kicks ass with a beard.

The Wicker Tree (January 27): By my calculations It’s been 38 years since ‘The Wicker Man’, making this one of the longest periods between original and sequel in history (there was 43 years between ‘It Came From outer Space‘ and the imaginatively titled ‘It Came From Outer Space 2‘). Hilariously this is only director Robin Hardy’s third movie over his 38 year career, averaging one film every 12 and a half years. Now that’s a work level I can aspire to. Don’t expect this to match the wonderment of  ‘The Wicker Man‘ but you can expect a similar plot (but lighter tone) when young American Christians preach the good gospel door-to-door in Scotland, with less than evangelical consequences.

Husk (January 28): If it wasn’t for the setting this probably wouldn’t make the list. But this standard looking teenage-stalk-and-slash looks to be lifted by the always effective setting of corn fields, run down farm buildings, and best of all scarecrows. Clearly calling on the 1988 movie ‘Scarecrows‘, this has a chance to hold it’s head above the rest of the standard modern slasher crap.

The Woman in Black (February 3): A period haunted house movie that checks all the boxes: Scary looking isolated old building, kids with spooky British accents, eyes missing from photographs, warnings scribed into the wall, mysterious figures roaming the corridor, and that bloke what plays Harry Potter. It may look all a bit familiar, but the production values look grand and I’m sure Mr Radcliffe wouldn’t choose any old pap for his first notable solo outing since Lord Voldemort  bit the dust.

[REC]3 Genesis (March 30, Spain): Deadly Movies’ absolute favourite modern zombie franchise returns with a third instalment. Whether or not director Paco Plaza can keep up the feverous pace of [REC] 1 and 2 will be the watermark for this one. The fantastically playful teaser trailer doesn’t let on much except that someone is about to have a very bad wedding day AND importantly, the first person point-of-view camera technique looks to have been ditched in favour of the traditional filmmaking approach.

The Cabin In The Woods (Aril 13): The Joss Whedon written, Chris Hemsworth starring, distortion of the familiar kids get lost in woods tale finally gets it’s theatrical release. And about time too. This looks like a slick and clever genre movie that will keep audiences guessing as to the nasty meanies causing all kinds of hell for the poor unfortunate teens that have stumbled across the worse possible cabin in the woods.

Prometheus (June 1): Perhaps the biggest Deadly Movie of the year? Certainly THE biggest sci-fi event of the year. Ridly Scott returns to the genre that made him famous, and more importantly, the film that made him infamous.., ‘Alien‘. While it’s seems certain that there’ll be no xenomorphs (aka the Alien) in the movie, It’s now undeniable that this is an Alien Prequel and not just a same universe story. It looks stunning, very intriguing, the cast is fabulous, and It’s Ridley Scott’s Alien Prequel. Tell me, what’s not to like?

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (June 22): High concept period horror is going to be hot over the next few years as the genre pillages legends of the past for new narratives. Books, or ‘books’, like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, and I Am Scrooge: A Zombie Story for  Christmas will no doubt be next. In the mean time we’ll settle for America’s greatest president revenging his mother’s murder at the hands of nasty blood suckers.

Halloween 3D (August/September): File under ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’, but Dimension are pushing for a 3rd Halloween movie (In 3D.., yay) in time for 2012. The creative’s in place, but with nothing yet shooting this’ll have to get behind the lens quickly to avoid being a 2013 release. Either way, no matter what the story, Michael Myers is always welcome back in the theatre.

The Lords of Salem (TBC, likely September): Divisive director Rob Zombie’s first movie since his equally divisive ‘Halloween‘ movies sees him visit one of horror’s most infamous locations, Salem. Plot-wise this is right up Zombie’s alley: Vinyl rock records that bring back the ancient lords of Salem and with them their lust for man-flesh. RZ fans will delight in the cast, filled to the brim with Zombie regulars and genre journeymen.

World War Z (December 21): Not too much is known about how closely Marc Forster’s film will stick to the Max Brooks beloved zombie novel, but with Brad Pitt at the head of the cast It’s certainly, curiously intriguing. The structure is of most interest, given that the book is largely a collection of first person accounts about the great Zombie War. It has the potential to be the zombie movie of the year.

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