Prometheus Trailer Confirms ‘Alien’ Prequel

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Now we know that everyone’s favourite xenomorph isn’t going to rear it’s drooling shiny dome in Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus‘, Scott’s made that crystal clear. But he does clearly feel there’s lots more to the ‘Alien‘ universe to explore, and while he and his cast have been keen to let us know that ‘Prometheus‘ will take place in the same universe as ‘Alien‘, the new trailer suggests that this is very much a prequel to the sci-fi classic. Lets take at look at the clues laid bare in the new footage:

First up that famous ‘Alien‘ title card is teased. This may only be for the trailer, but it’s an up front and in your face clue from Scott as to the nature of this movie. The Prometheus title reveals itself letter-by-letter just as the revered ‘Alien‘ title-card did back in 1979, the half planet motif is also echoed.

Alien title-card 1979

Now for the BIG clues, namely that space jockey chap. First up the crew of Prometheus are scanning something that looks suspiciously like the space jockey’s helmet/skull.., click to take a close look.

Prometheus, space jockey head? 2011

Space Jockey head 1979

Next up the man himself, or at least the gun/weapon/telescope type thing that we first saw his corpse sitting upon when John Hurt and co first boarded that crashed space-craft all those years ago.

Space Jockey weapon whatsit 2011

Space Jockey weapon whatsit 1979

Speaking of the crashed space-craft that featured heavily in ‘Alien‘ and ‘Aliens‘, here it is.., crashing.

Alien space-craft crashing 2011

Crashed alien space-craft 1979

So undeniable facts that this is not just a film which takes part in the same fictional universe as ‘Alien‘ but rather this takes place on the very same planet (LV-462 as James Cameron would later name it) and the very same location. The big question now is when it takes place in relation to ‘Alien‘ and why oh why if we’re seeing everything else will we not see the famous creature? Saying that, Scott said no xenomorph, he didn’t say anything about the eggs or face-huggers.

Oh and if you were in any further doubt that this is an Alien prequel, take a look at that end title card.., produced by Walter Hill and David Giler who legally must be titled as producers on any and all Alien movies (including the crappy AVP films).., in this case likely to be because of ‘characters based on those from the movie Alien‘ type deal.

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