Great Christmas Moments: Day 8: James Caan gets forked by Bill Goldberg in ‘Santa’s Slay’ (2005)

Such is the nature of horror movies and horror movie production that you get to see some wonderfully random moments in pop culture. One of the activities on my Bucket List was to see James Caan get his hands nailed to a table with dinner forks by former WWE and WCW legend Bill Goldberg. Step forward 2005’s ‘Santa’s Slay‘, officially the only movie in history where Bill Goldberg dressed in a Santa suit stabs a mustachioed James Caan’s hands with mamma’s finest silver wear. Every Christmas eve I slick back my hair, stick on a pencil ‘tache, leave two shiny forks between my bed, and settle in for a good nights sleep, waiting and hoping for Bill ‘santa’ Goldberg to appear in my bedroom and permanently fix my palms to the bedside table. Ah Christmas.


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