Even More Questions.., and Some Answers. The Dark Knight Rises Trailer #2

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The full length trailer for ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ (aka Trailer #2 after this summer’s teaser trailer) has finally surfaced officially online over at Apple Trailers. Why on earth WB left it so long I have no idea.., the bootleg trailer of this has been fairly available for the past four days. In Deadly Movies tradition, lets over analyse every crumb of information spoon fed to us by Nolan in this new 2 minutes and 10 seconds of footage. First up Batman has a little trouble walking..,


Bruce has a limpy leg

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The trailer opens with the usual logos, some kid singing The Star Spangled Banner, and Bane climbing out of a hole. But the real first bit of juicy footage sees Bruce Wayne hobbling, with the aid of a stick, towards a silver platter. As Bat-fans will know, in the comic ‘Knightfall’ Bane breaks Batman’s back. I’m going to suggest that this comes later in the film after Bane has caused Batman some serious damage. Broken back? Probably not, but broken in some way.

Michael Caine's not a happy camper

This moves directly into Michael Caine’s (wonderful) Alfred telling Bruce that he has failed to protect him. Alfred looks very emotional, and I think this is certainly post serious injury. The big question now is the timeline of this injury. If this has happened when Bane is in Gotham then how would Bruce recover in time to defeat him? We know the film is taking place 8 years after ‘The Dark Knight‘, but will all scenes take place that far on?

Gordon and photos of Harvey Dent

Next up Gary Oldman’s (also awesome) Commissioner Gordon is giving a speech in front of, what looks to me to be, Wayne Manor. We learn that Gordon is going to be retired by the Mayor, a fact questioned by Matthew Modine’s Nixon. We also learn that this is peace-time in Gotham and that Gordon is a ‘war hero’. So post ‘The Dark Knight‘ the streets of Gotham appear at least, to be safe. Also take note of the pictures of Harvey Dent (aka Two-Face). His death seems to have a large part to play in this movie which is very interesting.

Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle

Now comes what many of us have been waiting for, Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman). And she looks great. And rather menacing, delivering some telling dialogue; “You think this’ll last. There’s a storm coming Mr Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches. Because when It hits, You’re all going to wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us“. Wow, there’s so much going on here. She’s also wearing a masquerade outfit which looks suspiciously like a cat (look at those ears). In between this dialogue we get more images of Bane, the Gotham PD looking all kinds of scared and disorganised, Gordon running from explosions, and..,

Bad news for the 1%

Rich peoples houses being ransacked. This would indicate that Selina doesn’t know that Bruce is Batman, or does and is trying to bait him back into the costume. In the meantime Bruce’s ‘friends’ seem to be getting their privileged lives torn to pieces by Bane’s followers. Batman for the 99% generation?!

Knightfall lip-service

More lip-service to ‘Knighfall‘ next; Bane letting prisoners out of jail.., Arkham? I hope so, if not, Blackgate. These will be the army that Bane puts together for an all out assault on Gotham.

Bruce and beard back together

There’s a very intriguing scene that follows. Bruce appears with a beard again, the first time since ‘Batman Begins‘, in what seems to be a monastery, prison, or a Maurits Cornelis Escher painting. There’s chanting in the background and Bruce asks a mysterious figure “What does it mean?“, “Rise” he replies ominously. Rising being not only the title of the movie but clearly a theme too. So where is this? is this part of his travels from ‘Batman Begins‘? Has Bruce ran away again? Does this take place in the 8 years between ‘TDK‘ and ‘TDKR‘? I’m going to say this is from his ‘Batman Begins‘ travels. Next up is that football scene..,

Pretty awesome football sequence

Bane is seen walking through the players tunnel, with what looks to be a detonator in hand. What follows is a fairly awesome sequence (although slightly cheesy) whereby a football field implodes behind one lucky player who narrowly escapes falling into a huge casum. Aside from being an insight into one of the film’s set pieces, this is also telling of the power Bane has at his disposal. Nolan seems to be channeling ‘Batman Cataclysm‘ and ‘No Mans Land‘ where Gotham is levelled by an earthquake. Bane, it appears, has similar aspirations and abilities.

Bane's killer line

Then we get the best dialogue of the trailer (pipping Anne Hathaway’s line for that honour) as Bane forbiddingly tells a beaten and battered Bruce Wayne (although I think this is from a different scene) “When Gotham is in ashes you have my permission to die“. I think there’s little doubt remaining that Batman gets served in this movie.

Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard alert. Nothing given away other than she’s seems to be at the same party as Bruce and Selina. Her part in the film is going to be an important plot point, no doubt (Talia Al Ghul? Maybe).

Bat Tank?

Now come the quick shots: Someone jumps from a building with a bag over their head, Anne hathaway walks through an airport corridor, and a MASSIVE tank type thing smashes into a camouflage Tumbler (circa Batman Begins). Now this tank is worth talking about. Many are speculating that It’s a Bat-tank as seen in Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns‘. But, as we’ll see, in this same scene Batman has a whole other new ride. So I think this may be Gordon kicking serious ass.

Goons abseiling somewhere

Abseiling into the same place we saw beardy Bruce

More shots of Bane looking badass, and some people abseiling down the well that we first saw in the teaser trailer. This ‘well’ is is a biggy. In fact I don’t think It’s a well at all. Is it an entrance into the Batcave? No, probably not. I think it’s linked to a shot which follows, whereby people are seen abseiling into that same mysterious monastery/prison type-place from earlier in the trailer where people are chanting ‘Rise‘. If this is the same place, and is from an earlier time scale, AND is the place where the bald chap was climbing from in the teaser trailer (Bane?).., then a backstory between Bane and Bruce is starting to reveal itself. Remember Bane in the comics is from a prison and Bruce has spent time amongst the criminal fraternity. Is this where Bane is recruited by Ra’s Al Ghul?


Joseph Gordon Levitt is running through a door. His part will be bigger than Nolan is letting on too.

Bane vs Batman

One of what looks to be many Tumblers

Bats and Bane fight some more, and another ‘Batman Begins‘ Tumbler firers into a crowd of thugs and cops.Here’s a big question for me; How does Bane have control of a military vehicle designed and built by Luscious Fox and wayne Enterprises? Is this bad news for the noticeably absent Mr Fox?

Batformers, Batmbolies in disguise

And finally here’s Bat’s flying transformers thingy which looks like it was designed by Michael Bay. But It does look very cool.

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One thought on “Even More Questions.., and Some Answers. The Dark Knight Rises Trailer #2

  1. Robocop says:

    It is Blackgate prison, set photos confirm it with signage. And Talia Al Ghul is responsible for the tumblers. The tank is a truck, Bane’s HEMTT truck

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