12 Days ̶o̶f̶ to Christmas: Day 5

12 Great Christmas Moments | Day 5: Tootie smashes up some shit in ‘Meet Me in St Louis’ (1944)

An old school, classic Hollywood musical? have you gone quite mad Deadly Movies? No good sir (or lady) I have not. The scene where Judy garland sings ‘have yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ to little Tootie is followed by one of the more bizarre scenes from a beloved movie (just like when Ray gets head from a ghost in Ghostbusters, oh yes It’s in the movie). Tootsie’s head considerably head-fucked by Garland’s golden tones, heads downstairs to the backyard and starts decapitating snowmen with an unberalla. It’s pretty badass and very disturbing in an otherwise more standard melodramatic movie. Oh and Garland is super hot in the movie too.


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