Deadly Movies Has Seen The Opening 6 Minutes of The Dark Knight Rises

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The Dark Knight Rises Poster #2

Last night Deadly Movies went along to  the London viral marketing screening of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ prologue (aka the opening 6 minutes of the movie). Shown in glorious IMAX and on the UK’s largest theatre screen it was certainly an impressive sight. Without giving a blow-by-blow synopsis (but you probably should stop reading if you’re avoiding ALL TDKR plot points) the 6 minutes is a heart-pumping, mid-air, action sequence which introduces us to Tom Hardy’s Bane. Bane and his mercenary crew are intercepting a CIA transfer of wanted Russian scientist Dr Pavel. The means by which Bane orchestrates this interception is genius, involving some inspired practical stunts, two airplanes, and a lot of daredevil stuntmen. It’s visually amazing, and showcases Nolan’s insistence of filming as much in-camera action as possible and leaving CGI as a support tool rather than a reliance; a tactic that makes all of his Batman movies stand out in ever crowded genre.

Now onto the contentious point that’s causing a lot stir online.., Bane’s voice. First of all the voice is nothing like you would expect. It’s not bullish, deep, or growling as I was expecting from such a big, violent character. Rather It’s an almost high-pitched, unhinged, synthesised voice that’s incredibly menacing and unnerving. Hardy’s Bane is well spoken and, as far as I could tell, yes, he seems British (or German as some are noting). Hardy seems to be channeling, of all things, Sean Connery and Roger Moore.., he sounds like an insane James Bond talking through an electrically charged pillow. It’s everything you wouldn’t expect the voice to be. And I loved it, it sticks with you. BUT, the rumours are true, the voice in this 6 minutes of footage is almost inaudible, so much so that entire lines are lost. It’s very difficult to understand Hardy, and that is a major concern. If this is how he’ll sound in the entire movie then it’ll be difficult to understand his motivations. I’m hoping that this is either an early audio-cut which will be cleaned up, or that Nolan and Hardy will re-record some of that dialogue in ADR. But I sincerely hope they don’t change the voice, just the clarity. Speaking of which, the audio on the whole was incredibly loud (which may have just been the theatre I was in, but this was often a complaint levied at TDK too). Some of the other actors’ dialogue was lost amongst either Hans Zimmer’s tremendous thumping score or the sound of explosions and gun fire.

What followed this opening scene was a quick 60 seconds of shots. Large sprawling fight scenes and riots, Batman’s new (flying) ride, Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle and Catwoman (there is NO cowl btw), JGL running through a corridor, and most telling of all, Bane carrying the smashed cowl of the Caped Crusader. Bleak times ahead for the Bat indeed. Overall what became clear was the scale of this movie. The term epic keeps being thrown around in the build-up to the film, and it certainly looks to be grandiose.

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