The Dark Knight Rises Prologue

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TDKR Prologue ticket

Tonight Deadly Movies is off to see ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ prologue at the BFI IMAX theatre in London. Over the weekend a handful of privileged journalists and celebrities were invited to see the Prologue in LA. The likes of Eli Roth, Edgar Wright, Jon Favareu, and Duncan Jones were amongst the guests and gave the six minutes of footage glowing reviews. It’s strange that a film can be so anticipated that the opening six minutes generate such buzz and excitement a full six months before the movie’s scheduled release. Aside from the action (which is supposed to be mind-blowing, upping the anti from ‘Inception‘) most reviews centred on the spectacle that is IMAX film stock. Nolan has shot over a third of the movie on IMAX film stock and is only allowing the prologue to be seen in IMAX theatres which can project IMAX film, not digital transfers. As many in attendance testified last weekend, the spectacle of IMAX film projected onto an IMAX screen tops anything offered by the gimmick of 3D. Deadly Movies will be seeing the prologue shortly, keep your peepers peeled for the review.

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