12 Days ̶o̶f̶ to Christmas: Day 1

12 Great Christmas Moments | Day 1: John McClane Murderises a Plane in ‘Die Hard 2’ (1990)

Yippee-Ki-Christmas-Yay mother fuckers.  John McClane could probably let the 30 or so evil militia-types fly off into the sunset at the end of Die Hard 2, after all, surly his attentions should be focused on getting the landing lights working again at Dulles International Airport. But 1) that’s far too sensible and boring, 2) that doesn’t make for a badass ending to the movie, and 3) that just isn’t how McClane rolls, he blows shit up, a lot. So Deadly Movies kicks off It’s 12 days to Christmas great festive moments with John laying there in the snow and sending a bunch of militia duchebags to a fireball grave.

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