‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Viral Campaign Begins

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Dr Leonid Pavel

So the viral marketing shenanigans for ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ have began in ernest in the form of documents sent to Empire and The Wire (hit the respective links to see the full documents). The Transcripts between the CIA and someone with very bad english are regarding the capture and whereabouts of wanted Russian scientist Dr Leonid Pavel. While those involved cannot confirm that this is a TDKR campaign (Update: Confirmed!), the ‘top-secret’ type documents are no doubt from the clever so-and-so’s employed by Warner Bros. How so I hear you ask? Early guesses to the secret identity of the movie in question ranged from ‘MI4‘ to ‘Die Hard 5‘ to ‘24‘. But with the prologue for TDKR and the first full trailer  just around the corner, you can bet your bottom dollar that these criptic clues are the tip of a bat-campaign that’ll run from now through to July 2012. I would also heavily suggest that all this CIA smuggling business will tie directly into what we’ll see in the prologue. The biggest giveaway in all this is the photo of Dr Pavel; of which there can be no doubt is actor Alon Aboutboul who we know was cast in TDKR earlier this year as ‘a scientist’ (leading many to think he was Dr Hugo Strange).

Alon Aboutboul

So what do these mean? Who is Dr Pavel? Is he a Nolan version of Strange? Who are the CIA dealing with? Are The League of Shadows involved in all this? (The answer to that last one is yes btw).

Update! The official twitter page for TDKR viral campaigns (@thefirerises ) continues the story of Dr Pavel’s soon to be abduction by a militia group (ooh I wonder who that could be?) under the codename ‘Operation Early Bird‘. Whatever Operation Early Bird is the document says it goes live at 1000 hours PST Friday (December 9th). So what will happen at 10am Pacific time (1pm Eastern, 9pm GMT) tomorrow? Well one thing’s for sure it’s going to happen at operationearlybird.com where a countdown clock has started. My guess is that we’re looking at a viral game of sorts which will reveal the highly anticipated full trailer!

More Updates! So the countdown clock at operationearlybird.com revealed a map. Over at thedarkknightrises.com a voice started broadcasting coordinates which could be inputed into the latter’s map. The coordinates revealed pinpoints on the map where IMAX theatres in the US, UK, and Canada would be screening exclusive previews of the prologue. When all the locations were revealed the pinpoints changed colour and the race was on to be the lucky few to click, register, and win free tickets to the advanced screenings. As tickets were gobbled up the pinpoints turned red and capacities were reached. So a full 48 hours before TDKR debuts ahead of MI4 a handful of lucky bat-fans have their hands on some very hot tickets. Needless to say Deadly Movies is one of these lucky few and will be there on the 14th to watch the prologue and duly report the findings right here!

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