Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard of #17

They Came From Beyond Space (1967)

The battle for power has began” or so say the optimistic marketing people in the Amicus production office back in 1967. A more logical tagline would read “The battle for a field in Cornwall has began“. You also have to wonder, as my good chum (MarkTalksTelly) pointed out, where exactly ‘beyond space’ is? I went to Eastleigh once (Hampshire UK, shit hole), I’ll assume it’s like that. So what are ‘they’ up to? Well they are inhabiting the bodies of horny English people and building secret underground bunkers and rockets (which they launch through a lake, a lake only ever seen in miniature form). Our American hero is immune to their nasty space-zombie mind controls due a metal plate in his head. We’re constantly reminded of this plot device through a hilariously convoluted subplot involving his love for classic cars (classic cars in 1967 were essentially Flintstones cars). So metal plate guy and his brilliant Asian sidekick go about thwarting these nasty aliens (and their Cornish field) by building amazing homemade rayguns and night-vision style goggles. It’s all rather silly, but pretty enjoyable. Especially when you get the kind of dialogue you only find in old British Sci-Fi. Such as a sexy blonde seductress trying to entice our hero with the line “I’ll make you a cup’a tea (sexy pause).., with sugar (emphasis on the sugar)”. All this nonsense is set to a non-more-groovy jazz soundtrack. Cool man.

So who among you mere mortals have had the privilege of crossing swords with this mastery? Come on, come forward if you’re man enough.

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