The Dark Knight Rises Trailer and Prologue

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Expect a lot of Batman vs Bane in the coming TDKR trailer

So Variety (or at least Variety’s Jeff Sneider) is reporting that the full length trailer for ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ will be attached to ‘Sherlock Holmes 2‘ (also a WB release which makes sense) from December 16th. And if that’s not enough of a festive Bat-treat for you, on December 21st, a mere 5 days later, you’ll be able to see a 6 minute prologue to TDKR ahead of ‘Mission Impossible 4‘ (a revenue gift for that movie) in IMAX theatres only. So, all this news begs for some serious bat-pondering.

The Trailer: This past summer saw Nolan treat us to a teaser trailer, one that gave very little away in terms of plot or new footage. It did feature some fleeting images of Bane, Batman, and Commissioner Gordon. It also hinted heavily at the theme of destruction, anarchy, despair, and social breakdown. Expect more of the same, but on a grander scale. I think we’ll start to get a true understanding of the scale of the this movie which, given the HUGE shooting schedule and excessive locations used to depict Gotham City (London, New York, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh), should be beyond anything we’ve ever seen in a comic-book movie.

The corresponding trailer debut for ‘The Dark Knight’ back in December 2007 was essentially all about Batman and The Joker. It completely neglected (on purpose) the Harvey Dent / Two-Face story arch. I’d imagine It’ll be the same this time around. Expect a lot of Bane & The League of Shadows footage and plot points. I think Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman will certainly be shown, no doubt in full costume and in action, but her motivates and larger role may well be withheld. We’ll also get some clips and soundbites from the supporting cast: Gary Oldman’s Commissioner Gordon, Michael Caine’s Alfred, Morgan Freeman’s Lucios Fox, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cop John Blake, and Marion Cotillard’s mysterious Miranda Tate. Don’t expect to see anything of (or from, in the character sense) the rumoured plot twists and surprises.

Things to look out for in the inevitable final 30-seconds flourish of shots: The new, and technically advanced Bat-cave, any new Bat-vehicles (yes I know most of you know there is a new one but some don’t), a rebuilt Wayne Manor, Catwoman in all her glory, Batman on the run from the police, hints at Bane’s origin, new gadgets, and Arkham Asylum.

The Prologue: Like ‘The Dark Knight‘ prologue this will undoubtably be the opening six minutes of the movie followed by 30 seconds or so of quick shots (many from the trailer and some new). I’d imagine that the prologue will address the origin of Bane. Remember that ‘The Dark Knight‘ prologue was ALL about The Joker, aside from the shot montage, it featured no Batman at all. However I’d expect to see a little more of the Bat this time around as Bane certainly doesn’t have the same cultural resonance as Mr J (for the general audience at least). So I’m going to suggest that we’ll see some Batman on the run stuff, continuing on from where ‘The Dark Knight‘ left off.

Whatever the outcome (and I may be very wrong!) we’re in for a real Batman feast before Christmas. Following on from Batman Year One and Arkham City, It’s been a great year for Batman fans so far, and that’s without the movie.

Update: Speaking to Empire, Chris Nolan confirmed the following about the Prologue. “[It’s] basically the first six, seven minutes of the film, [and will serve as] an introduction to Bane, and a taste of the rest of the film.”

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