Do You Remember When..,

.., Rick Rosenthal had Busta Rhymes Kung Fu Kick Michael Myers?

Rick Rosenthal and Busta Rhymes

Tis the season to celebrate all things Halloween and Michael Myers. But take a moment to recall when Rick Rosenthal had two stabs (no pun intended) at the Halloween franchise and failed both times. Rosenthal can be forgiven for his ‘Halloween 2‘ (1981), he was very young and it was only his second time in the hot seat. He likely felt the smokey, cigarette breath of John Carpenter on his neck, and delivered a safe, if unforgivably boring sequel to the seminal classic.

However Mr Rosenthal can never be forgiven for what he did 21 years later with his ‘Halloween Resurrection‘, a cluster fuck of a movie that promptly put an end to that chapter in the Halloween legacy. This is the man who dragged Michael Myers through the pop culture dirt by making a Big Brother, reality show, Halloween movie. You can imagine the creative meeting: “Halloween fans will relate to reality TV and R&B stars!” Yay. And then it happened. Michael Myers career low point. Getting kung-fu kicked by Busta Rhymes. Who can ever forget the imortal lines “Hey Mikey! Happy Fuckin’ Halloween!” and “Trick or treat, motherfucker!“. Sigh, yawn.., Urgh. This horribly misjudged and misguided film managed to make a mockery of Michael Myers.., the shape, the boogeyman.

So this Halloween remember, while you bask in the glory of John Carpenters Halloween, play drinking games to some of the solid genre sequels, debate the merits of H2O, and argue vigorously over Rob Zombie’s efforts.., Busta Rhymes and Rick Rosenthal aren’t invited.

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