Top 5 Movies of the Halloween Franchise

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The Halloween franchise is a strange and mysterious beast. Yet it has some absolute gems to offer the horror universe. With ten films in all (one non-cannon film, one part 7 that wants to be a part 3, one prequel-remake, and one sequel to the remake) it’s difficult to know what to watch and when. Deadly Movies is always here to lend a guiding hand to such quandaries. So here are the Top 5 Halloween films that Deadly Movies consider the cream rising to the top of a Dr Loomis cup of coffee:

5. Halloween 5 (1989): This only makes the Top 5 as I have too many issues with Rick Rosenthal’s Halloween 2 (namely it’s misuse of Laurie and awful pacing), Halloween 3 doesn’t count, The Curse of Michael Myers is a let down, and Resurrection is f**king awful. Halloween 5 is poor, it reneges on the Jamie killer story-line, It has a crappy Myers house, It introduces the ever so pointless ‘Man in Black’ (which the makers admit they didn’t know where they were going with), and It kills off the awesome Rachel character and replaces her with the awful and incredibly annoying Tina. However it does have the very tense laundry shoot scene, as well as the great moment when Jamie confronts ‘uncle’ and Michael removes his mask. That scene is still one of my favorites in the entire franchise.
4. Halloween 2 (2009): I enjoyed this more than I though I would (see here for my defense of H2). For me Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 was a unique Halloween experience that offered something truly different to the Halloween franchise. I enjoyed Michael’s new look, his extreme aggression, and Laurie’s deteriorating mental state. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to fault about H2, however it succeeds in introducing us to some new (love them or hate them) Halloween concepts. And for that it should be thanked. After-all, what is the point in retreading the same old thing? Did you want more Halloween Resurrections? 
3. Halloween 4 (1988): I always recall how much I enjoyed the creepy opening titles of this film; bleak skies, scarecrows twisting in the wind, and deserted farmland. Great stuff. And of course it reintroduces Michael and Dr Loomis after the failed commercial attempt of Halloween 3. The film itself is solid. Introducing Jamie (the awesome Danielle Harris, now of four Halloween films) and Rachel was a master stroke. All-in-all this is a sturdy if unspectacular Halloween film.
2. Halloween H20 (1998): Controversial? I really enjoy this film. Yes it’s full of ‘flavor of the month’ heartthrobs, yes Michael’s mask changes appearance too many times for comfort, and yes it’s very 90s post ‘Scream‘ era and hasn’t aged too well. However, saying all that, it’s a Halloween franchise fan’s wet dream. Michael reunited with Laurie after 20 years, Jamie Lee and Janet Leigh sharing screen time, and a genuinely fantastic one-on-one finale showdown. I’ve always enjoyed Michael more when paired with Laurie and this film delivers that with aplomb.
1. Halloween (1978): What can you say about this? Peeping Tom and Psycho (1960) may be the grandaddies of the Slasher genre, but John Carpenter’s Halloween packaged everything so perfectly it has become the quintessential blueprint for the genre ever since. Not just that, It also happens to be, arguably, the best horror film ever committed to celluloid. It’s simply a work of horror genius. Halloween is a seminal moment in contemporary horror, it is the perfect blend of thrilling suspense and aggressive (yet contained) violence.
What do you think? Let me know.
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6 thoughts on “Top 5 Movies of the Halloween Franchise

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, are you insane. How could any Halloween fan ignore the original Halloween 2. It is the third best film in the franchise and it didn't make the list? Rob Zombies Halloween 2 is way worse then even Halloween 6 and 3.

  2. We’re just going to have to agree to disagree about “H20.”

    My favorite Halloween movie is “Halloween III: Season of the Witch.” I know, I know, there are like a million things wrong with it, but other than for “H20,” its the only Halloween movie I ever saw in the theater, and it really freaked me out at the time. I watched in on TV on Halloween of 2008, and it was quite edited. Some of the scenes, while they make little to no sense (your body gets transmogrified into an equivalent mass of Jerusalem crickets and vipers?), are actually quite disturbing when shown in their entirety (I’m particularly thinking of the family that has the “Silver Shamrock” masks tested on them, as a dubious “reward” for having sold the most masks in their toy store chain).

    There really are some clever aspects of this film, such as the children all being encouraged to watch “The Big Giveaway” on TV, in order to activate their little hideous, sorcerous death masks. In this case, “give-away” is a clear synonym for “sacrifice,” meaning the whole event is a gigantic, monstrous act of pagan human sacrifice, in which all of the children of the USA (and probably Canada too) will be offered up to the Celtic/Druidic analog of Ba’al. I’m not usually one of those people who goes in for the whole its-so-bad-its-good concept, but in this movie’s case, it really works.

    • deadlymovies says:

      We shall indeed agree to disagree. I think my view of H20 is slightly rose tinted as it was my first real exposure to Michael Myers after getting into horror in the mid 90s. I then worked my way back to 1978’s Halloween right throgh to H6.

  3. Serena says:

    I couldn’t agree more woth Mr. Anon. Are you insane?? I hope john carpenter kicks you in the balls just for thinking H2 remake could even make the top 5 even the god-awful #3 is better than that repulsive, pathetic, disgrace to the horror movie industry…

    • deadlymovies says:

      Comments are always appreciated, and, as always, taste is subjective to the individual and no lists or articles on Deadly Movies are offered as absolutes, they are simply personal opinion. And I really don’t think John Carpenter could care less about my rankings of the Halloween franchise.

      Thanks for visiting.

  4. Chad says:

    Great list!

    I also have a soft spot for H20. It’s a film that shouldn’t work but totally does for me.

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