The Many (often stupid) Faces of Michael Myers: PART 2

Deadly Movies | Halloween 2011

Deadly movies continues its look at over 30 years of Horror dominance by the pop-cult icon who has come to define this time of the year; Michael Myers. Last week we took a look at Michael circa 1978 through 1995 . This week we move forward into the super-budget (for the Halloween franchise) movies of the late 90s and 2000s, including of course, those ever so debated Rob Zombie H-remakes.

6: Halloween H20 (1998), aka El Camaleón

Michael Myers circa 1998: left CGI, middle Stan Winston, right KNB FX

Much has been said about the H20 mask. In the final cut of H20 you can spot physical rubber masks, masks that are full make-up, and even frame-for-frame CGI masks. Meaning Michael’s look can change dramatically between scenes. There were, in total, four masks used during the making of the movie: 1) A recast of the Halloween 6 mask, 2) A new mask designed by KNB FX at the request of director Steve Miner, 3) a re-shoot mask designed by non other than Stan Winston, and 4) the awful CGI mask. The mask design featured in most of the movie is the Stan Winston re-shoots mask, which, is a sleek and menacing homage to the original, which also allows for the actor’s eyes to be seen, giving it real distinction from previous incarnations. I like it. Thank god they ditched the KNB mask which made him look.., well, nothing at all like Michael Myers you dick heads.

7: Halloween Resurrection (2002), aka Busta Rhymes La Mierda de Racimo

The least said about this cluster fuck the better, and the mask isn’t too good either. There’s far too much definition going on here, Michael’s wearing all kinds of make-up, including guy-liner, and Emo-like shading around his lips and cheekbones. And what the fuck are the jowls about? This is a mask fit for a Busta Rhymes kung-fu kick.


8: Halloween (2007), aka El Putrefacción Cara

I like it. I like it a lot. The Rob Zombie Michael Myers mask is terrifying. Aside from the perished rubber effect (which is fine as the original mask was in the movie too) the mask looks like Michael, but slightly slimmed down. The eyes and the pout are perfect. Seriously if you saw this guy you would soil yourself. Say what you will about the changes made to Michael and the Halloween story, but what would you have preferred? More Halloween Resurrection?

9: Halloween 2 (2009), aka El Vagabundo Barbudo

Hmmm. I like the Rob Zombie Michael Myers mask. But this may have been asking too much of even the most flexible Halloween fan. The mask has deteriorated to such an extent that we now see Michael has grown a hobo beard, and perhaps most controversial of all, for some of the movie we can see half of Myers face, exposing too much humanity for many a fan. Still, before half the mask is torn off late on in the movie, I still think that the Zombie Myers mask mark 2 is fairly terrifying, and something new and different for the franchise.

So there you have it. Over 30 years of different creative takes on Michael Myers. Which is your favourite? And where will Michael’s face-fasion go next in the forthcoming ‘Halloween 3D‘ (perhaps something like this)? And to think, this all came from a rubber face-mask of Captain Kirk, which to be fair was almost as terrifying in its original form!

Capt. Kirk, the original Michael Myers

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3 thoughts on “The Many (often stupid) Faces of Michael Myers: PART 2

  1. robert leabo says:

    I love it and totally agree about the masks. And even though the RZ films are a big turd fest, the masks are pretty cool. I like the grungy look, but nothing will EVER beat the original. I just wish they’d make a “Halloween 9” and bypass the entire stupid RZ re-make suck fest! Jesus, give me the “okay” and I’ll pen the damn script myself! 😀

  2. Donnie says:

    I think the mask(s) from the original HALLOWEEN and HALLOWEEN II are the best overall.The mask from HALLOWEEN 4 was absolute shit.I hated that mask.The rest weren’t all that great either,but nowhere near as shitty as the mask from that dreadful fourth film.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Guys this FUCKING movie well put it this way I almost
    Shit my fucking self

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