My Dad Says That You Guys Are Full of Crap

Deadly Movies Cameos | Jason Reitman in ‘Ghostbusters 2’ (1989)

Son of Ivan, director of ‘Juno‘ (2007) and ‘Up In The Air‘ (2009), Jason Reitman has a funzo little cameo in ‘Ghostbusters 2‘ as the He-Man obsessed, spoiled kid, party-jerk we’d all like to slap. You remember the scene: Out of work Ghostbusters’ Ray and Winston moonlight as kids birthday entertainers in full ‘busters regalior. When they rock up to a well-to-do New York brownstone they’re greeted by “ungrateful yuppy larvae” who would rather see He-Man than one half of the worlds finest purveyors of paranormal extermination and elimination. It’s a great scene as Jason retains his name and has the wonderful line “My dad says you’re full of crap“.., which is pretty funny when you consider that his dad was of course directing the movie. This scene is also made all the more weird by Ray Parker Jr’s infamous theme tune ‘Ghostbusters‘ being played, and even sung along to, by the Ghostbusters, breaking all kinds of fourth walls that my head hurts just contemplating the meaning.

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